PE90 180 Rack FPV Race Crossing Rack 3K pure Carbon Fiber 180mm Racing RC Drone Frame

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Product Overview

Product features: 

1. Made of 3K pure carbon fiber, anti-collision, high temperature resistance and anti-aging.
2. The layout is reasonable and easy to install.
3. Bottom thickness: 4mm, top cover thickness: 2mm (only 102g for the entire rack)
4. The lightweight frame is more flexible and stable in flight.
5. This shape of the frame enhances the standard center, making the center of gravity lower and the flight movement more accurate
6. It is recommended to match the frame to the 1806/2204/2205-2300KV motor.


Material: carbon fiber
Color: Rack + Board / Rack
Weight: 102g
Type: RC model part and accessory backplane
Top plate: 2.0mm
Bottom carbon plate: 4.0mm
Wheelbase: 180mm
Motor: 1806/2204/2205-2300KV
Propeller: 2.8 inches / 3.0 inches
Battery: 1300mAh 4s 25c